The fastest footballers

This video is amazing. Some of the fastest players are actually the smallest players. People like Lionel Messi and Aaron Lennon who are pretty tiny in height are faster than some of the biggest and strongest players.

Sport betting is an art form?

Betting on sport has often been considered a complete mugs game and that is true in my eyes. Bookmakers are making millions of pounds a year in profits so it’s pretty clear who is winning and it isn’t the punter. There is however a way you can get a win at the bookies and that is matched betting. The only risk free way to bet and win every time. Sounds stupid but wait a second and read on. Matched betting is what happens when we place 2 bets to cover all possibilities of a bet. A bet can either win or lose so when we make a bet to win we need to bet against that outcome happening as well. That makes all bets risk free but allows us to unlock free bets from bookies. Then we can profit. Oddsmonkey have come up with some pretty amazing betting software that works all this out for their customers. All you have to do it follow the instructions and you will make money. The good thing about bets is that they are based on maths and math doesn’t lie. So as soon as you place your bets you already know how much money you are going to make before the bets even settle.

I have really seen anything on the internet as clever as thing before and it is a rare beast in the fact that it promises it’s subscribers they will make money and actually delivers on that promise. It has a huge community already and it is growing fast. It’s not hard to work out why either. Everyone is looking for an easy way to make money and this is it. Matched betting is a true art form. It’s simple but incredibly effective.

I have been a member at oddsmonkey for a while now and seriously the service is incredible. The support you get from the staff is second to none. One of the best customer service teams out there. I was a bit surprised when I saw some bad reviews of it but then I discovered that a rival company called Profit Accumulator had actually posted those reviews and passed them off as genuine. Pretty low and not a cool way to do business. So don’t believe the lies and get stuck into what is one of the very best websites on the internet right now. This is blowing up like bit coin so get involved now and don’t regret it further down the line!

Ronaldo wins best mens player award